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There is 20 minuets between each class to allow for cleaning of the studio and for the driveway to be cleared for the next class. It is okay to park in front of the garage door. One car will park behind the vehicle parked to the far left side of in the driveway. All cars in the driveway are here for the same class! 

*Please note there is no street parking on Ardagh Rd.

Class Policies

We will be ready to receive you for class 10 minutes prior to your class start time. We encourage you to arrive promptly.

All classes and open practices must be pre-registered.

There is no “viewing” area. Only registered clients will be admitted in the studio during class.

All jewelry is to be removed during pole and aerial classes. (rings, bracelets, large earrings)

Classes are non-transferable once the session has started.

Make up classes are not offered for missed classes.

All group class bookings are final. Non refundable. Non transferable. 

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