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Meet Heather Mitchell | Pole Fit & Aerial Hoop Coach. Erotic Pole Artist

In 2009 after completing my first one year contract as a registered dental hygienist I decided to become an Undercoverwear agent. I sold lingerie and adult novelties. One of the items carried was a novelty pole called My sexy Little Pole. I searched YouTube to see what I could do with this pole. This is when I discovered pole was a thing? Yup! It's a big thing! 

Next, I set out to find where I could learn more. I took my first class in late 2009. A break from pole came during my pregnancy and several months after my son was born. Once in the swing of motherhood, I returned to my pole fitness practice.

In 2014 I began teaching pole classes and became a certified pole fitness instructor, through the Canadian Pole Fitness Association. As I grew as an instructor and artist, I found it was time to start the next chapter in my pole journey. With this, Body Language, was founded.

Certification & Training 

Perfo​rmance & Competition 

  • CFES Fitness Knowledge Certification
  • CPFA (Canadian Pole Fitness Association) Certified Pole Fitness Instructor

  • CPFA Aerial Hoop Instructor Certification

  • POUND® Pro Instructor Training

  • CanFitPro, Personal Training Specialist

  • Human Kinetics Foam Rolling Certificate

  • Human Kinetics Stretching Anatomy Certificate

  • 2014 Pole Sport Organization (PSO) Competition 1st Place, Level 1, Entertainment

  • 2015 PSO Canadian, 2nd Place, Level 1, Championship

  • 2016 Great White North Pole Competition 3rd place, Razzle Dazzle/Floor Work

  • 2018 PSO Toronto East Competitor, Low Flow Level 3

  • 2019 PSO Toronto East, Judge

  • 2022 PSO Toronto East Competitor, Level 4 Entertainment 

  • 2022 PSO Toronto East, 3rd Place, Level 4/5 Low Flow

  • 2022 PSO Sagittarius, 1st Place, Level 4 Entertainment

  • 2022 PSO Sagittarius, 1st Place, Level 4/5 Low Flow

Meet Tiffany Heard | Advanced Pole Fit Instructor & Choreographer

Tiffany was introduced to pole dance and fitness in 2011. She is a CPFA beginner, intermediate, advanced, flexability and pole fit certified instructor, who began teaching in 2013. Pole instruction quickly became her passion and Tiffany has taken great pride in training students. Whether it is technique in class or the artistic and creative aspects involved while preparing competition choreographies, she loves to support her students, both on and off the pole. She has completed the IPSF Code of Points training course and maintains valid first aid, CPR/AED. In a quest to inspire students and conquer fears, Tiffany has competed in Canada, USA and Europe.

When not hanging upside down or engaging in studio shenanigans and laughter, Tiffany is a Registered Dental Hygienist and proud mother.

Certification & Training 

Perfo​rmance & Competition 

  • CFES Fitness Knowledge Certification
  • CPFA Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Pole Fit Instructor Certifications
  • Beginner/ Intermediate Spin Pole Instructor Workshop
  • CPFA Beginner Flexibility Instructor Certification
  • International Pole Sport Federation Code of Points
  • Safe Spotting Workshop, Aryn Savard
  • PSO Unicorn
  • Vertical Love Showcase, March 2015
  • Canadian Aerial Championships, Level 2 Championship Senior, First Place, May 2016
  • Midwest Presentational Showcase, NAPDC, July 2016
  • Arnold Sports Festival , PCS Women's Novice Finals, March 2017
  • Arnold Sports Festival, PCS Masters Finals, March 2018
  • PSO Canada East Championships, Level 4 Dramatic, Masters, First Place, December 2018
  • PSO Atlantic Pole Championships, Level 4 Dramatic Masters, First Place, March 2019
  • Aerial Universe Championships, Zagreb Croatia, Women's Masters Finals, Third Place, May 2019
  • PSO Pacific, Emerald & After Dark, Virtual Competition Judge, July 2020
  • Virtual Canadian Pole Fitness and Aerial Championships, Masters Division, First Place, June 2021.
  • PSO Gemini Virtual Championship, Level 4 Masters, First Place, June 2021. 
  • PSO Sagittarius Cyber Pole Championship, Level 5 Championship, Fourth Place, December 2022.

Meet Brittan​y Pirri | Pole Fit Instructor & Master of Strength

Brittany was first introduced to Pole Fitness in 2014 when a friend suggested they try a class together. All it took was one class, then she was hooked and never looked back. It’s the perfect combination of dance, fitness and strength building. You can have the worst day in the world and feel a million times better after just one class. Pole Fitness has brought Brittany so far outside of her comfort zone, increased her self-confidence and drive to exercise. Brittany completed her CPFA certification course in 2017 and that lead her to start a new journey teaching. She is CPFA Beginner and Intermediate certified instructor. Her proudest moment as an Instructor is to see her students progress and move forward in their own pole journeys. Brittany strives to bring out the best in all of her students so they leave class with a smile on their face!

Outside the studio, Brittany works full time as an Office Manager for an Electrical Contractor. She also in her "spare time" is a formally trained Photographer who enjoys photographing weddings, families and milestone events. Brittany is an avid runner, enjoys weight lifting, yoga and hanging with her fur baby Moose. 

Certification & Training 

  • CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services) Fitness Knowledge Certification
  • CPFA (Canadian Pole Fitness Association) Beginner Pole Fitness Instructor
  • CPFA Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor
  • CPFA Beginner Flexibility Instructor Certification

Perfo​rmance & Competition 

  • 2017 - Toronto Pro Show Showcase
  • 2018 - Arnold Sports Festival, Novice

  • 2019 - PSO Canada East Championships, Doubles – 1st Place

Meet Kim Pusic | Pole Fit Instructor & Erotic Pole Artist

I took my first pole class in 2013 when a friend suggested I give it a shot. I had no idea the obsession that would grow in me towards this sport. I did not enjoy my first class because I felt like I was not strong enough and felt defeated, but I came back. I am so glad I did because that second class sparked a fire in me that nothing could put out. Fast forward to attending tons of workshops, classes, private lessons, followed by teaching the past 4 years.

I can confidently say pole-dancing is a large part of my life, as well as dancing in my 8 inch heels! I love to have fun in class, but will make you sweat at the same time. Creating choreography for students is when I get to showcase my musicality and creativity. I feel pride seeing confidence grow in my students and absolutely love perfecting heel technique. There is no better feeling than seeing my students skills improving throughout the weeks.

Outside of the studio, I am a full-time BScN student, proud mother, and beginner contortionist. I also attended Humber College for Creative Photography in the past which led to my part-time job of wedding video editing and event photography.

Can't wait to see you all in class! 

Certification & Training 

  • Home/Studio Pole Party Certification

  • CPFA Beginner/Intermediate Spin Pole Certification

Perfo​rmance & Competition 

  • 2018 - PSO Toronto East Competitor , Exotic Level 4

  • 2021 - Virtual Canadian Pole Fitness and Aerial Championships - After Hours 2 Competitor
  • 2021 - Virtual Canadian Pole Fitness and Aerial Championships - Judge 
  • 2022 - PSO Toronto East, 2nd Place, Low Flow Level 4/5

Meet Anne Holup | Aerial Hoop Instructor 

Anne began pursuing her passion for aerial hoop in 2018 after searching for a new activity. With delight, she found Body Language Studio. Intrigued by an activity she had never heard of before, she signed up for her first class. It was love at first sit! 

After completing her CFES fitness knowledge course in 2022,  Anne set out to share her love and enthusiasm for the sport.

When she is not thinking up new routines or moves in her head, she is a Chiropractor in a busy

country office. She has always tried to incorporate fitness and exercise into her treatment

plans. She loves helping her patients find their own journey to fitness and wellness.

When not upside down, Anne’s other passions include painting, playing the piano and flute, and being a proud Mom to two very busy boys and one large dog! 

She enjoys a good challenge and is excited to help you challenge yourself.

Certification & Training 

  • CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services) Fitness Knowledge Certification

Perfo​rmance & Competition 

  • Just wait!

Meet Libby Ives |Advanced Pole Fit  & Performance Coach 

Libby is an explorer, hiker, dancer, life coach, and dinosaur enthusiast. She began pole dancing in 2011 as a new activity to fit into her active lifestyle. She went on to become a professional performer, competitor, and coach. Libby loves going on adventures in nature, engaging in meaningful discussions with like-minded friends, and spending time with her two fur-babies: Sapphire and Bee. Her favourite dinosaur is oviraptor... what's yours?

Certification & Training 

  • CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services) Fitness Knowledge Certification

  • CPFA Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Pole Fit Instructor Certifications

Perfo​rmance & Competition 

  • 2015 - Ontario Pole Fitness Championship - Pro division, 1st Place

  • 2015 - PSO  - L4 Entertainment, First Place

  • 2016 - Canadian Pole Fitness Championship  - Pole Art, 1st Place

  • 2017 - PCS @ The Arnold  - Women's Open division, 1st Place

  • 2019 - PSO Canada East  - L5 Floorwork & Low Flow, 1st Place

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