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Class Description

Class sizes are small. 3 - 4 students per class  .

This means more time is focused on you and your awesomeness leading to faster progression and skill development.

Aerial Hoop

All levels. No experience required. This class is an introduction to aerial hoop. You will learn hand grips, body positioning in, on and hanging from the hoop. Participants with aerial hoop experience from previous sessions will be given level appropriate skills to work on.  

Pole Fit Mixed Levels

All levels welcome, including beginners. We will warn up and condition as a class, then each student will be assigned skills to work on that are appropriate for their level of experience. 

Beginner Pole Fit

No experience required. All fitness levels welcome. In this class you will be forming your pole foundations consisting of: hand grips, spins, climbs, pole sits and pole transitions. Each class is a combination of strength conditioning and dance

Intermediate Pole Fit

Prerequisite: Previous pole experience and/or instructor approval. This is where things start to get turned up-side-down and sideways! Basic invert, inside and outside leg hang, cupid, hip hold, etc…

Advanced Pole Fit

Prerequisite: Instructor approval. This class further develops your ninja skills. Combinations and sequencing of pole tricks, aerial invert, shoulder mounts, drops, flips, etc...

Erotic Pole 

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Intro to pole or beginner pole fit recommended. All levels are welcome and modifications provided. Pole choreography is low flow, base work and floor work melted together to create movement that can be sensual, playful or expressive. Some "badass cool shit" is also mixed in. **Knee pads required**. Shoes are encouraged!

Stretch With Purpose 

Flexibility training helps improve the range of motion of your joints and muscles. This class will help you improve your athletic performance on the pole, while decreasing your risk of injury overall. We will cover dynamic stretches, range of motion, active end range strengthening, self-myofascial release and static stretches. Different muscle groups will be targeted each week in preparation of the final pose of each class (ie. splits, bridge).

Due to the pandemic, accessories, such as yoga blocks, foam roller, peanut/tennis/lacrosse or base ball are not available to borrow in class. These items are not a mandatory requirement to attend the class but will assist you greatly. Please bring these items with you if you wish to have them.

Private Lessons

A customized class all about you. Available in all of the above genres. 

Class Attire

Clothing for Aerial Hoop

Full length, snug fitting leggings*

Fitted shirt or tank top that covers entire torso.

Mid-calf or knee high socks. (optional)

Rings must be removed. This is for your safety, no exceptions.*

Clothing for Pole Fit

Short shorts.

Tank top.

Knee pads are recommended.

We encourage you to wear leg warmers/track pants during warm-up and cool-down. Warm muscles are happy muscles!

Rings must be removed. This is for your safety, no exceptions.*

Clothing for Pole Choreography 

Leggings or shorts

Knee Pads *

Heels optional but highly recommended. 

Socks if not wearing heels.

*compliance required

Class Policies

We will be ready to receive you for class 10 minutes prior to your class start time. We encourage you to arrive promptly.

All classes and open practices must be pre-registered.

There is no “viewing” area. Only registered clients will be admitted in the studio during class.

All jewelry is to be removed during pole and aerial classes. (rings, bracelets, large earrings)

Classes are non-transferable once the session has started.

Make up classes are not offered for missed classes.

All bookings are final. Non refundable.



There is  20 minuets between each class to allow for cleaning of the studio and for the driveway to be cleared for the next class. It is okay to park in front of the garage door. One car will park behind the vehicle parked to the far left side of in the driveway. All cars in the driveway are here for the same class!

*Please note there is no street parking on Ardagh Rd.

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