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Frequently Asked Questions

I have experience in dance and/or gymnastics.  Can I start in intermediate pole fit?

No. It is important to start with your pole foundations and progress from there. Progressions and regressions are available in all classes so that each participant is sufficiently challenged. If you are looking to progress quickly, a private lesson may be ideal for you.

I have never done anything like this before. Where do I start?

Beginner level pole fit is designed for absolute beginners. You got this! Regressions and progressions are made accordingly. How long you stay at the beginner level is individual.  Everyone's journey is unique.

All aerial hoop sessions are mixed level. Aerial hoop is a unique apparatus and is not recommended if you have significant shoulder restrictions.

I’m trying to sign up and its asking for an “event passcode”.

The session is temporarily locked to allow current clients enrolled in that day and time to rebook their spot. Once the pre-booking widow has passed, the event passcode is removed and the session will then be open for general booking.

What does the red circle with the line through it mean?

The class is full. You may select to be added to the waitlist.

How many people can attend a studio pole party?

Currently, with COVID-19 restrictions, studio parties are a max of 3 people per group. This allows for adequate social distancing and no sharing of equipment. Because of the group size restriction, the fee for a one-hour private booking has been reduced to $90.

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